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In-House Financing

In-House Financing available with a signed contract and agreement between client and PRN Health and Wellness Services, LLC dba Fuel n' Burn Fitness.

This will outline all services provided, initial deposits, subsequential payments, and client information. No credit check required, but a 30-50% deposit will be required of the total amount of the package or program selected.

In-House Financing is only offered on a case-by-case basis.

Not all will qualify.

Coaching Loan 

Coaching Loan is an external company that will provide you a list of top lenders that will loan you the necessary funds for training. This will be the most affordable monthly option as it can bring down the monthly training costs as low as $100/mo for the smaller packages and programs, depending on Credit.

If upfront cost is keeping you from moving forward, please check your financing options using my link, which will shop numerous top lenders who support coaching programs: 

The application is a soft credit inquiry – no harm to credit score to check your options, and it takes 2 minutes! I applied myself, because I would never ask you to do something I wouldn't do, and here were my results:

APRs starting at 6%, terms of 24 - 60 months, and NO PREPAYMENT PENALTIES - so choose a low payment/longer term and pay off early).

Choose the offer that best fits your budget!

This will get you started on your fitness training on the best track to reach your goals TOMORROW.

A co-signer can be added to help increase income if needed but does not help with credit rating. If you feel any information was input incorrectly or mistyped, resubmit the application as it still won't affect your credit. Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance.

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