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I want y'all to look at the weight on the bar. Those are 10 lbs plates. The bar itself is 45 lbs. Total: 65 lbs.

This is the weight I started benching with almost 20 years ago when I started lifting weights in the gym. I felt puny, I felt weak, and unworthy. Seeing as there were other guys, even at my age at the time, that were lifting WAY more than I was.

But this was my starting point. MY starting point. I was beyond THRILLED when I was strong enough to throw 25 lbs on either side a few years later. 95 lbs total. That was MY progress. And now I lift even more!

So why "Failure"? Because that's a foundation of fitness. And shit, even life. You try to lift heavier and fail. You try again and fail. You keep fucking TRYING until you lift that damn weight, and now you've turned your failures (plural) into a SUCCESS!

And isn't that one of the best feelings in the world? Hell yeah it is. BUT IT TAKES TIME! Look at my 17 month transformation last year. It TOOK TIME. I failed and failed and failed until I got stupid shredded.

It's the end of February. How many people that wanted to get into fitness already give up because they aren't seeing results fast enough, and they feel they're failing?

How many people have restarted fitness for the 2nd 3rd or 4th time and they're upset with themselves because "back in the day" they USED to look better and lift heavier?

Stop putting yourself down. Stop making excuses. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Think about it this way: I LOVE being a failure, because that means I tried, or am still trying.

Again, this applies to everything in life too, not just fitness.

It's okay to fail. Keep moving forward. Look at others for inspiration, but strive to BECOME your own Inspiration!

Damn. Long post. But it's in response to a post I saw that said "don't let failure be a part of your vocabulary"

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