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Reverse Transforming

Let's talk about the other type of transformation. When you've shed off all that weight, looked so great you step on stage and are just standing there all proud with less than 5% Body Fat, hungry as F**K, hormones all jacked, emotions running wild, and you finally realize you're done. Not just with competing, but you're physically gassed out. And you know what your capable of now, but you're also ready to get back to normal.

But shit, what is normal now? Back to being fat? Back to having my hormones balanced? Not bring hungry all the time? Well, 2 out of the 3 previous statements are true... My hormones are still jacked. I guess that's what I get for extreme dieting for well over a year! Smart dieting, but still extreme.

The picture above I was 135 lbs at 5%BF , and now, as of Sunday the 20th, I sit at 150 lbs probably at 14-16% BF. The HIGHEST I got was 156 lbs just 2 weeks ago, and I realized I need to taper off this "bulking" phase because I'm literally just getting fat again. It took me 16 months to achieve the physique pictured on top. It took me 2.5 months to go from that top picture to the bottom picture. Diet is everything for me. FOR ME.

But yes, this is me currently. Reverse transformation, reverse inspiration.

For everyone else, y'all don't need to go the extreme lengths I did to achieve an unnecessary physique like mine unless you to are considering stepping on a bodybuilding stage, or going to become a model or something. You can still achieve a very nice and appealing physique without sacrificing so much and become you're own inspiration.

January is almost over. Are you still holding true to your New Years weight loss resolution?

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