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Yes, you can

Did y'all enjoy your Thanksgiving? Did y'all stuff your faces beyond your normal limits and then sit around miserable for hours afterward? ❤❤❤❤❤ AWESOME! I love that shit. Now you're speaking my language... Pushing yourself beyond your limits. Duh, eating one giant meal is obviously an easy task, BUT requires a positive mental attitude prior to the engagement. As you're reaching those limits where you start to feel full, BUT you haven't had the cherry pie yet, what did you tell yourself? "Yes, I can do it, I can eat one more slice..."

Now, I KNOW you can translate that same positive encouragement, that same self-hype, to other parts of your life. So let's throw that winning mentality towards fitness and nutrition. Yes, you can go a little heavier on the Deadlift. Yes, you can go lower on that squat. Yes, you can eat chicken and vegetables AGAIN and again. Yes, you can workout past that injury that has put a mental block on your progress. Yes, you can wake up at 5 in the morning to knock out your workout before you go into work at 730.

Yes. You. Can.

You are your own worst enemy, your own worst critic. But your also your best cheerleader and your best motivator. Break those limits, those barriers that YOU YOURSELF create. You have the capability. You just proved it to yourself yesterday when you had your third serving of dessert. (Oh, was that only me?....❤) How do you think I earned my physique?

Push yourself beyond your limits. Don't give yourself excuses. I'm telling you right now:

Yes, you can.

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