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Who's in Charge: YOU
Who makes the Ultimate Decisions: YOU
Who is responsible for the Success/Failure: YOU


My Roles as your Coach:

- Guide
- Educator
- Mentor

I can only help you as much as you’re willing to receive. I can only provide you knowledge and training methods, but you have to apply it. I will not give up on you as long as YOU don’t give up on yourself.

NOT my Roles as your Coach:

- Babysitter
- Magician
- Mind-Reader

I can’t watch you 24/7. What you do with your time ultimately falls on you. I will not hold your hand throughout the process. Be careful with taking shortcuts, they can set you up for early failure. Remember, if problems arise that can potentially hinder your progress, let me know sooner than later.


These programs are designed to match your life’s schedule and habits to increase the success rate of your ultimate goal whether it be fat reduction, increasing muscle tone, improving metabolic conditioning, or all of the above.

Establishing a solid exercise foundation and good healthy habits at the beginning is key in succeeding in your personal fitness journey. Pair those with consistency and you have a great formula that will yield results as long as you don’t give up.

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Training Sessions

- You are paying for the time slot you select, 30 minutes or 45-60 min session. Please arrive on time for your session.

- If you show up late, you will be trained only until the end of the time slot you selected.

   * If I, as your Trainer, show up late to our session, you will receive your entire 30 minutes or 45-60 min session that you booked, even if it goes outside of the time slot you selected.

- Please book your sessions one day prior at the latest. Same day sessions will not be Accepted.

- Payments must be received prior to scheduling a session. Will not accept Cash the day of the session.

- Please Cancel a whole day prior.
Clients, If you cancel same day within 8 hours of a session, you will lose the session.
  * If canceled in the middle of the night or the night prior for an early morning session, you will lose the session.

   ***Please notify me as soon as you feel there might be a cancellation to prevent loss of session.

- If you do not show up for a session, you will lose that session.  



- Please enjoy additional benefits from Fuel n' Burn's Partnerships.

- If there are any discrepancies or disputes, please contact those companies directly for resolution.

- Fuel n' Burn does not hold any ownership/managerial role within those companies.



- Refund must be requested before a single paid session is conducted or program/meal plan has begun to be written.

- Other Refunds will be Pro-Rated based on the services that have already been started.

- No other refunds will be redeemed

Medical and Medications

Please keep me informed if there are any medical revelations or medication changes made.

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Pre-Training Intake Form


Medical & Supplements

Your Habits

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