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Adam Boerschig - ATX
- Pro Brazilian Jujitsu

I want to say working with Michael was an amazing experience. I was getting ready for my first Pro JiuJitsu match and I needed to cut weight from 190 (end of Dec) to 165 by Feb 15th... I would have been lost without him. He started off by monitoring my fitness levels and then came up with a healthily way for me to cut weight without losing any of my endurance or strength. He was even there after my weigh in with a shake and a rehydration kit... I still recommend to my fellow competitors to this day.

Joshua Rodriguez - ATX

After reaching out to Michael I learned a new workout method during my first day with him. I reached out to see if he could help me with a healthy and steady meal plan and till this day still works great. Michael is an awesome mentor and his methods definitely show results. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

Jose Diaz - Long Island, NY

I reached out to Michael on Veterans day 2020 (weighing 256 lbs) since I personally felt I needed help on a mental fitness reset and to create a solid support system for my weight-loss/fitness journey.  I was tired of always being disappointed of starting and failing to get back to a healthy weight ( its been over 8 years fitness neglect and excuses ).  Mike understood my challenges of family responsibilities ( new baby) and working out differently since i am older, I'm not in my 20s.  He provided a planned and systematic approach to focus on nutrition ,low impact exercises, and re-educate the importance of having a fitness mindfulness . The greatest thing is having a sounding board to tweak my plans to achieve my goals. I feel more confident that my current progress is only the beginning of what I achieve.  ( 228 lbs as of mid May 2021)

Cristina Ramos - McAllen, Tx 
- ON-X Pro Bodybuilder

He was literally GOD SENT! In one week I dropped 6 pounds. Talk about insane progress! Highly recommend him to everyone! Also, he gave my mom some tips on how to lose weight she has dropped over 10 pounds in two weeks just by applying his teaching and terminology.

If you’re SERIOUS about change… HIRE HIM ON THE SPOT! He’s extremely humble and willing to walk you through the process.

Laman Hendricks - ATX

I like the flexibility of the diet and exercises. Exercises don’t necessarily take all your day. You don’t have to do hours of running. Your coach will know what to target once you have your first session.  What I love is that you don’t have to starve to look this great, and this is a life changing journey. You start living and thinking differently. Michael is the best.

Geralyn Fellows - Long Island, NY

Michael is dedicated. He has set up awesome meal plans and has been diligently working with me to change my eating. His plans are teaching me about a healthy eating life style. An awesome trait of Michael's is he keeps me motivated. He looks at your patterns. For example, stepping on the scale too much...going out with friends, family parties. We discuss these challenging eating times together, he listens and develops a plan. Compassionate is an excellent character trait to describe Michael. He cares about me! He preaches, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" I also want to mention this is a long distance intervention for me. I am in New York, we have constant communication...Michael  is an A+ coach!

Stephanie Gonzales - ATX

I wanted to drop some weight before an out of town event. It was 6 weeks away. Michael put together a meal plan that fit in with my crazy schedule. It was different from the usual fish, chicken & broccoli plans that I'm used to. It kept me full and satisfied. He also was quick to respond to any questions I had regarding my plan.

B. Millican - ATX

Hired Michael as my Trainer awhile back and I was just amazed with how much he helped me reach my goals and pushed me to reach my limits and dive right past them. He came to my gym on the days I needed and coached me through all my workouts, leaving me crawling to door (of course I asked for the hard workouts). He made me food plans from the foods I liked to eat, so it was easy to follow. He is very respectful, knowledgeable, and a great coach!

Isaac Martinez - ATX

Having Michael assist me with my personal fitness journey was by far one of the better decisions I've ever made. Going into our training, I really didn't know what to expect, as it was the first time I've ever had someone with a great deal of experience watching over and serving as a mentor for me. However, Michael's ability to innovate nutrition plans  and work-outs specific to what my body needed helped me reached a level of strength that I never knew I had. Every workout not only left me humbled, but also excited for what was to come next. Definitely helped me bring out a better version of myself and for that I say thanks.

Sonya Triste - ATX

I needed to lose weight FAST for a wedding so I called Michael for help. Michael made an easy, healthy meal plan that helped me lose 10lbs in just 2 weeks!

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