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Michael A. Gaytan

Meet your Fitness Coach, Michael A. Gaytan. With 26 years of experience in Fitness and 16 years in nutrition, there is a plan for everyone to enjoy life and still obtain their health and wellness goals. Based in Austin Texas near the Domain, he takes on Transformation, Athletes, and Bodybuilding, looking for Muscle gain, weight loss/fat loss, or Bodybuilding Competition Prep.

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The Story

Beginning the journey sometime in 1997 in his small bedroom at the simple age of 13, Michael began to do hour long, non-stop, aerobic exercises due to no longer wanting to be the chubby kid in school. From Jumping Jacks, to kicks, to alternating jabs, he turned up his classic rock music and every night would sweat out the junk.

Nutrition wasn't his strong point yet, as he would make a healthy salad with greens and tomatoes, and the drown it with ranch dressing, bacon bits, and cheese!

After a few years of training in his room and playing soccer on the school team, he began training for the military and ramped up the training to include running, and now that was included in his calisthenic training. Once in the military, the fitness took a back seat and the stress of a free working man at the young age of 18 lead to buying junk food and living overseas allowed for the consumption of alcohol and thus, he had his first set back since first transformation.

in 2004 he began training again in the gym and going back to his roots of calisthenics. Once again had another great transformation that lasted until around the end of 2006 when once again, the stress of a new work environment and displeasure in the military lead to more alcohol and eating everything.

Then he decided to volunteer for a deployment in Iraq and knew changes would need to be made again, and began his next streak of fitness, which finally revealed abs, now that he spent more time in the gym vs running and calisthenics. Realizing that nutrition was crucial, he began to study nutrition in 2008.

2009 he separated from Active Duty and moved to Austin, Tx to begin his new life, and the fitness and nutrition was appropriately maintained up until 2012, and then the stress of the final stages of his Paramedic Schooling began to take a toll, and once again, diet was ignored. In the process, he was studying Nutrition and Kinesiology at the local Community College obtaining his degree, along side his Paramedicine degree.

In 2015, he had another major life event and, despite there was inconsistent gym activity, he committed to training at the gym 5-6 days a week and to this DAY, he has been consistent with the gym. Dabbling with Atkins Diet, Keto Diet, Intuition Eating, High Protein Diet, it wasn't until he started his first Bodybuilding Prep that he finally enjoyed Macro-Based Diets, or a clean version of IIFYM (If it fits your macros).

After two seasons of Natural Bodybuilding Competitions, 2020 happened and while he had trained countless individuals towards the end of his Military Service, and since moving to Austin, he decided to start his own

Personal Training Company: Fuel n' Burn Fitness

Shortly after starting FnB in January 2020, the VID took over the world. However, after partnering with Big Tex Gym, Fuel n' Burn Fitness has been offering Personal Training, Coaching, and has see more clients than ever.

Since training out of Big Tex in August 2020, many more services have been added, from Breathing Tests, to Metabolism Tests, and most recently, 3D Body Scans!

Fuel n' Burn Fitness will be an excellent starting point for your Health and Wellness Journey as Coach Michael does NOT believe in absolutes: In training, in nutrition, in cardio.

He will teach you everything he has learned over the many years he has been involved in the Culture of Fitness and Nutrition, and will not hold back on keeping things real with every client.

- Fire Fit Coach


For any questions about training, services, or nutrition, please contact me here:


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