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MeaL pLaNs

We have various meal plans to meet your needs. Scroll below to see all of the options we have available. 

From 1 meal plan all the way up to 3 meal plans for the month, with each meal plan tailored to what YOU want to eat.

Before we begin, you'll receive a list of VARIOUS foods to pick from, and your meal plan will be created based on YOUR choices, including cheat meals.

Let's get started!

Healthy Lunch

Clean Eating

  • Clean Healthy choices Meal Plan based on your picks from the food list to reach your health goals.

100/Month for 1 meal

Grilled Fish Steak

Mix it up

  • Two different daily plans at your request

$185/Month for 2 meals

Fruit Shakes


  • Meal plan tailored to your request

$150/Month for 1 meal

Roasted Carrots

I love Options

  • Three different daily meals plans at your request

$225/Month for 3 meals

Client Requested Meal Plans

Weekly Check-In's consist of email communication once a week based on Check-In's submission.

Weekly Phone Call Consultation are an extra $100/mo with Meal Plans

Healthy Food

tHe Meltdown 

The Meltdown Diet is for those that need to MELT weight down NOW. 

Photoshoot coming up, wedding coming up, or going to the beach/lake/vacation and just want to bring down the numbers on the scale.

It’s effective, it’s challenging, it MAY cause a mental meltdown due to being in such a drastic caloric deficit, but it beats any bull-s**t fat burning supplement that’ll only burn the cash in your pocket.

Let’s get you melting down the weight in NO TIME!

30 Day Service

  • NOT for the faint of heart

  • You Pick your foods,             *I pick your meals*

  • Metabolism Test included

  • 3x/Week Check-in’s

  • 5 Day Split/Double Leg Day workout Program Included


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