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Fuel n' Burn Fitness

I'm not interested in just training people. I strive to get all my clients' results. Walking a fine line between "you got this, results will come" and "Homie, quit cheating on your diet. Stop canceling your sessions. Quit stopping short of your potential." I've had requests to do online classes. I'm not interested. No accountability, no results. That's just a money grab, I want my clients to reach their goals! Cookie cutter meal plans? No, every single meal plan is 100% Custom, because even the clients look at them and go, "oh, I can totally eat this." Well, yeah, you picked the meals 🤷🏼‍♂️ Traveling to train someone outside of Big Tex Gym? Ummm.... if you want to be charged extra. That's an hour and a half, two hours of time devoted to one client, training and travel. I make it easy: come to Big Tex, schedule any time available from 6 am - 9 pm, get in, get out, get on with your life. Pricing. I get it, training is expensive, I gotta eat too. I created multiple sessions, packages, programs to fit ALL budgets. If y'all only knew what goes on behind the scenes. I left the medical field because of the revolving door. "Take this pill. It'll be good for you." Nothing changes. Same people keep getting sick. Same people keep keep asking for more medication, higher doses, "how can I fix this with surgery?". I can make a difference here. I am making a difference here. Fuel n' Burn Fitness.

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