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Keep Moving Forward

Some people know about the e-commerce business I'm working to launch. A handful have already received their free products during the testing phase. And then there's those that are directly helping me in getting this business launched and running. Thank you to everyone who has helped in one way or another 🤗

It's not necessarily easy to get a business going. Filing for a business with the state, filing for sales tax, filing for trademark, filing filing filing.... There's so many moving parts, so much paperwork, so much $$$ required to get this done right. And I want to get it done right. I want to be AUTHENTIC.

I am making my own products, literally. I am doing my own sales, advertising, marketing, accounting, everything. And it's a lot of work.

And I'm doing this in the middle of a Bodybuilding Contest Prep. 🤦🏼 and working full time. And still getting my workouts in. And still meal prepping. And still have to maintain cleanliness in my home, inside and out. And I still gotta give Jules the attention and play time she deserves!

I'm tired... To those that have laughed at, criticized, mocked, or have disregarded my drive to start my own working business, I smiled at you, but it wasn't a friendly smile. It was the "okay, homie. I see how it is." It's unfortunate. You really see who doesn't give a shit about you or what you're trying to accomplish.

I wish everyone success. In life, in fitness, in general. When you feel like giving up, in the middle of your despair, just tell yourself to keep moving forward. When you get criticised, keep moving forward. When you get laughed at, keep moving forward. When they tell you you're out of place and you don't belong, keep moving forward.

Sorry I can't tell you how to combat those negative voices. But I can tell your this:

Keep Moving Forward

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