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The reason I don't quit when I am ready to quit. The reason I keep pushing forward when it's probably smarter/better to stop. The reason keep choosing to do Bodybuilding: Classic Physique, despite being told numerous times by various people to my face and behind my back that I should drop out all together.

I enjoy the sport, I love the specific art/posing of Classic Bodybuilding, and I love meeting other competitors, veterans and upcoming athletes, and hearing each of their stories and watching their own journeys on the way to the stage AND post show experiences.

It's a great experience. I wish I was as stubborn as I am now about 20 years ago, when I was already wanting to go the route of bodybuilding, but was always teased and mocked that I was too small, chubby, and would never make it. To just stick to education and become a botanist.

The voices always won then.

They don't touch me now.

Don't let them get to you either.

Be stubborn with me 🙌🏼

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