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Change your Mindset

I understand it's hard. I understand there are barriers. I understand the feeling of hopelessness.

I understand the feeling of being worthless. I understand the desire to just want to quit. I've experienced those more times in my life than I should, and some of those in recent history! I'm not saying it's easy, I'm just saying it's possible. And it's POSSIBLE to do by YOURSELF! We tend to feel we need someone or something to get us out of our mess, out of our heads. Turning to drugs or pharmaceuticals. Looking for friends, counselors, therapists. And then what happens? They don't give us the answers we're looking for! The drugs give us temporary numbness to the underlying problems! Yet, we continue to repeat this. Days, weeks, years, going in circles, never breaking free. And we look to others, our inspirations, our role models, and wonder how they're doing it. The most common thing I see is changing your mindset. Focusing on gratitude, being thankful, reliving good moments and not the bad. It's not easy, but it is possible. I will not sugar coat anything for you, I will not bullshit you, but I will push you to look at the good you already have going for you. I can be the positive voice. And if it's fitness related and you're looking to restart, join me at Ignite Fitnez. If you could change something about you, what would it be? Me? I would have continued to the 2nd phase of the Special Forces tryouts back in 2004.

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