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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

It's funny because many fitness icons and models continue to say the same thing over and over again. This doesn't happen over night, or in a few months. Many of those folks have been training for 2/5/10 years+. I'm hitting just over two and a half years, and I was bulking the whole time, reaching 175. I was big, but I was what some people refer to as "dirty bulk". But here's the thing, I NEVER stopped. I HAVEN'T stopped. I kept going and I'm STILL going.

  • July 2017: I accidentally started to lose weight by simply taking Carnitine and introducing just 10 min of steady cardio. Thus, my goals changed to see if I can carve out some of this dirty bulk.

  • Sept 2017: I started at Cryofit and was introduced to a whole different level of recovery. Which is why I took those before pictures. Made a HUGE difference in my performance, and that was Whole Body Cryo Therapy ALONE.

  • Nov 2017: I began receiving focused nutritional guidance from Dr. Ramdeen . This was a MAJOR game changer in my diet and really opened my eyes on food intake, BMR, and SIMPLIFIED nutrition. (And I have a degree in Health and Kinesiology 😧)

The pictures don't lie. Minimal Photoshop and only in the tone of the pictures. No fat tucking or making my muscles look bigger.

Fuel N Burn - Transformation
My Transformation

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