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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Could we just call it stubbornness as well? Because that's the level I've reached. I'm so "disciplined" with my workouts and going to the gym that I refuse to stop going, even though I need to.

I'm over training...I know it. I've known it for about a little over a week now, going into the Tough Mudder last weekend, and this week during my half-assed workouts. My discipline (stubbornness) has been keeping me from pushing past this, but yesterday, I finally gave. My back hurts, shoulders still hurt, firearms have zero grip strength, legs so hurry from the run, blah blah blah poor me.

Anyway, while I may have to take a few days off from weight lifting, I'm still doing cardio at MINIMUM. I love to exercise.

Correction: I need to exercise so I can continue to eat like a fatass.

Anyone else experience over training? What did you do? How did you cope? Is there a support group out there from people who over training? 🤣

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