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Emotional Baggage

You. Yes you. You're bottling up too much. You're not addressing things that are weighing you down. It's unhealthy to keep stuffing it down and it will all eventually come erupting out like a volcano. And you'll ruin things you hold non-tangible value to in your life.

But it's funny because despite all of your bad experiences, despite all those times you are taken advantage of, despite all of those times you lost, despite those people you've lost in your life, you manage to still hide all of that behind a smile. A genuine smile at that. And you still go out of your way to try and be a decent human, help others, and care for others.

I'll never say it's easy, I'll only suggest you give it a try. Find a way to let go of that baggage. Your mind, body, and soul need you to let go.

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