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Just believe that everything will be okay, BUT you have to keep moving forward in that blind belief.

Despite the continuous backlash from people around you, despite the constant negative and unmotivating comments from "friends" and family, despite the exhaustion from the countless hours you put towards your efforts that almost seem to lead to nowhere, despite the self feeling that things are always against you and your constantly having to pull yourself up and have no one to help you out.

Keep working at it. YOU yourself have to keep working at it. And whatever you believe, God or karma, keep the faith that everything will be okay. Remember why you started and what your working for, and press on.

Smile, learn to be positive, and despite the "you have to learn to love yourself" Bullshit, remember that you already love yourself and have ALWAYS loved yourself. You just have to remember it and BELIEVE it 😊

It's always easier said than done, but:

Have Faith 🙏🏼

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