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Overly Critical

Yes, I can be. We can be. "You are your own worst critic" rings so true to many, especially myself.

But hey, it's what keeps me going. Keeps me wanting to improve. All those extremely aesthetic physique you see, they all took time. They found the motivation they needed to keep going, day after day, year after year. Finding that motivation can be hard. Check it:

I began working out in the late 90's in my room. Mostly endurance cardio.

Then I began training for the military in high school in 2002. Cardio, push ups, sit ups.

Military didn't do much for me fitness wise, I actually got fat. I could still run a decent 3 miles, but not much else...


  • Late 2006 I got another spurt of fitness motivation and began working out when stationed in Wyoming. I got decently fit.

  • 2007 I volunteered to deploy for a year deployment to Iraq. I let myself go. Fat Fuck was a perfect description... Fall 2007-late summer 2009, nearly a two year stint into fitness. I got into the best shape of my life, thanks to having absolutely nothing else to do in Iraq and that carried over to my final months into the military.

  • 2009-spring 2015. Numerous attempts to get back into fitness. All of them short bursts of unmotivated enthusiasm... Fail after fail after fail

  • Summer 2015. A life changing experience. I used the gym to keep focused on something, and thus began my latest and longest run.

  • August 2017. A major life changing experience. A million times worse than the first. I buried myself into the gym. And what you see here today is the result of that experience.


Where does this tie into "overly critical"? I'm still overly critical of myself when it comes to last year's failure. I'm still overly critical of my body. But that's what I use for motivation. That's what keeps me going to the gym, nearly every single day, working, sculpting, sweating. Also, I love to eat 😅

What motivates you?

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