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Pika-Boo 😉

I get compliments for my physique, some that make me blush at times. Wanna know the best part?

It's attainable.

I'm nothing special. I have no genetic advantages. I'm natural, so no extra assistance in building muscle or getting shredded.

Consistent dieting and dedicated training in the gym, and putting up with the required cardio, is what it took. Oh, and I put in the time, as in MONTHS and months and months of this.

The second best part of all this: YOU can achieve a similar physique. And in many cases, others will achieve an even BETTER physique! It's very possible and realistic.

I invite everyone that looks to at my physique and thinks along the lines of "I wish I could look like that" to strive to look better, be stronger, and go further.

I have those athletes that I look at and challenge myself to reach and surpass them.

You should too. You can too. My physique is attainable.

The only thing that would hold you back is yourself. Stop telling yourself what you "want" and WORK towards it.

Break through your own barriers.

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