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I had a couple of titles for this mini "blog" before I knew it was going to be titled "commitment". Honesty, Truth, FYI, were considered, because technically they are a foundation of what I'm going to write about here, being 1 week out from my 3rd Bodybuilding show in 2 months:

I'm miserable. And I can't hold back and give the white lie to people when they ask me how I'm doing, that I'm "doing good". No, I'm BARELY doing, period. I have limited energy, hungry ALL the time, crashing several times a day, and have honestly wanted to give up and just go back to being fat and eat whatever the F I want 😅. But I'm still going. I'm still standing firm on my COMMITMENT to doing this last show for the year. Why am I doing this? To put it simply: Because I said I was going to do it, because I told myself "" and if I can't keep my own word/commitment to myself, what worth is my word to others? It starts with me. It starts with proving to myself that I have what it takes to push through even when I want to give up so badly. And the crazy part is, there's no PRIZE at the end, there's no tangible item of any value once I'm done, there's no guarantee that this will launch potential success in the fitness industry.

I'll have photo-proof of my hard work. I'll have more experience in doing BBing shows and meet new fitness enthusiast. But most importantly, I'll have proven to myself that I can commit to something and keep it. That I can surpass the limits that my mind and body establishes when THEY want to give up. That my word is my bond. Not just in bodybuilding, but my commitment in every aspect in my life.

And lastly, if I can do this, Y'ALL can TOO. Again, not just in fitness/nutrition/health, but in other things y'all want to accomplish.

Make your commitment. Double down and ignore everyone who tries to discourage you.

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