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Do what you love and the money will follow...

Still waiting for my check for eating like a fatass ❤

I love to eat good food. I'm what you would call a "Live to eat" kind of guy. My body is pre-set to gain weight easily if I were to eat without self control. Even if I workout, I will gain a substantial amount of fat. I call it being Fit Fat, basically me between summer 2015- summer 2017.

Now, I can still eat whatever I want, but I have more control of my portions. I do count calories. I use the 'LoseIt!' app and it has helped keep everything in check. Most things I make I try to make near accurate, but my cheat meals (and there's a LOT of cheat meals in my life 😅) I can only guesstimate and then still try to stay within my Allotted Daily Calories. It's work, but I can drink if I want or eat 10 cookies (yesterday 😅) if I want and still stay lean. This works for ME.

Everyone's different. Find what works for you. There's a lot of people out there giving away their "secrets" and all you have to do is pick the most realistic one that suits your life.

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