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How much do you believe in yourself

Here, I KNOW I look good. I know my routine is on point. I'm having so much fun on stage, and I could care less about anything else going on outside of that moment.

And why? Because I know I put in a lot of hard work, countless hours of dedicated training, countless hours of meal prepping, countless hours of posing over and over and over and over... My goal was never to compete on stage. In fact, my initial motivation to do a bodybuilding show was all because I thought it might impress my gym crush 😂🤣😂😅😅😅 , but damn my competitive drive took over and I wanted to really make an impression on stage.

And then I wanted to do that TWO MORE TIMES. I can get really stupidly competitive... But thankfully I had the right guidance to get me there.

It's December 1st. You're ass is going to wait until the holidays for the "new year new me" bullshit. Don't. Start tomorrow. Start today.

I will offer some tips that you won't like to hear because it's going to require you to actually do SOMETHING.

How strong do to want to finish 2018?

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