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Not for the faint of heart

I'm at that point again. I knew I would eventually reach it, as this happened last year during my Bodybuilding season.

The breaking point. The point where I want to throw in the towel. The point where I'm just physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. The point where I just want to feed my body. The point where I don't want to spend more money on Bodybuilding. The point where every part of me says: "enough, already"

Thankfully, like last year, I know I'm going to push through regardless. I'm stubborn like that. Nothing else best describes it, I'm simply stubborn and will continue to finish my 2-3 shows left this season. I mentally committed to them, soon I'll financially commit to them. And I'm just going to do it.

The photo above, I have my head held high. I'm feeling like shit at that moment, but you won't see it. All you'll see is the pride I hold in the physique I've obtained.

How many people are able to achieve a similar physique? And better yet, how many can honestly say they can achieve a similar physique naturally?

Bodybuilding is not for the faint of heart.

I'm tired, but I'm not done yet.

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