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Team Work

3 years of training consistently has landed me here. 1st place in my solo weight class in Classic Bodybuilding and 2nd place in Beach Body.

My GOD was it a journey, especially those last two months of training. In the face of extreme dieting, mental disintegration, uncertainty, despair, and many reasons presented that I should just give up and quit, my stubbornness kept me moving forward.

So stubbornness can sometimes be a good thing? 🤔

As much as I felt alone throughout the past 15 weeks, I did have a support structure of some kind to keep me going.

Having a support structure for bodybuilding is almost imperative. Whether it be girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, family or friends or other fellow lifters or bodybuilders, or your trainer/coach, your masseuse, or even social media followers you've never met in real life.

Having that support can make a difference in bodybuilding. Have your own little team.

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