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What's behind the Smile?





-Loss of Motivation

Truth. There are things not many talk about when it comes to competitive Bodybuilding. Natural or Enhanced. The pitfalls are the same.

I've met some competitors that let these get the best of them. I've met competitors that should probably not compete because they are not mentally strong enough yet. They cave at inconveniences and then get upset when they lose on stage.

Bodybuilding, above all else, is a mind game. A great way to truly determine how mentally strong you are.

I recommend everyone try to compete in bodybuilding at least once.

Because despite the hardships and struggles of Competitive Bodybuilding, when you step in stage with an impressive physique, Natural or Enhanced, you proved you are:

Determined- you see your goal, you reach it. No matter what.

Committed- you get your workouts in, partying takes a backseat during prep.

Conscientious- you don't need to be babysat, you get your shit done solo.

Unstoppable- you don't cave to cookies, cake, burgers, or alcohol. You don't cave to peer pressure pushing you go "go out". You don't cave when you ABSOLUTELY want to cave.

Inspirational- You're a nobody. But even by achieving what you achieved, you will inspire others to reach similar goals.

If you can do it, they can too.

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