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Your biggest accomplishment

I want you to think back to your greatest achievement. When you were overwhelmed with joy. You were ecstatic. You couldn't believe you accomplished the task, achieved the goal, won that contest, etc. Now, if you had to think back to that accomplishment, what would you do to have that same feeling again? What can you do? Could you do that same thing again? Would you want to, or push to your next accomplishment?

Now, if you're still living with that joy of that particular accomplishment, I applaud you. For some it's that dream job. For many, it's their children, or family. And you could figure out their biggest accomplishment they're proud of because they'll talk about it all the time or post pictures/videos all the time.

Now let me get selfish for a minute. Many already know or have at least figured/hear out about my biggest failure last fall that devastated me. I felt I had nothing left and I isolated myself from everyone. I buried myself in work and the gym. 10 months later, what you see in the picture are the results. Some say it's dedication or discipline, but I mostly did it to keep my mind occupied.

This is one of my biggest accomplishments, and I get to wake up to this every single day. Each day I feel my aesthetic-ness improves, despite all the cheat foods y'all see me devour (that's all real, by the way. I don't fake the foods I eat 🤗). That being said, I honestly don't care about those comments and messages that tell me "put a shirt on", "show off", "that's not sustainable" and my favorite WTF comment "steroids". They actually encourage me to eat more cheat foods followed by showing off my physique.

I'm proud of this accomplishment. You should be proud of your accomplishment, whatever it may be. Anyone that mutters shit under their breath in a negative way about your accomplishment is simply them being jealous or dislike something about themselves and your accomplishment reminds them about that. Don't take anything personal, but trust me, I know that is easier said than done.

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